a radical new program proven – by 542 success stories! – to help you find great reps without a referral, a reel, or flashy credits

So, you want reps...

You’re doing all you can to get auditions on your own, but it’s pilot season and you don’t have an agent. Again.  

And it’s not because you haven’t tried. In fact, you may have had a few meetings, or maybe you were even signed with an agent in the past (or right now), but it’s not working out.

Sure, you’ve hit up your actor-friends for referrals (when they didn’t get weird on you) but those didn’t really go anywhere.

But you know you need reps, so you...

  • Sign up for countless expensive showcases only to hear nothing 
  • Email agents and managers and hear nothing, not now, or pass 
  • Spend $1500 to shoot a reel – and still not sure if the footage will be any good
  • Get new headshots for the 4th time cuz maybe this time they'll make you stand out
  • Craft the perfect target list and hoard it away til you're ready to reach out  

End Result: Nada.

It’s so frustrating to spend all that money, time, and effort only to be told the timing is off, you’re not the right type, or I’m not taking new clients right now.  

Let's stop the madness. Period.

What you deserve are reps who want you:

  • Agents and managers hoping you'll get back to them vs. the other way around
  • Representation that feels like a partnership
  • An agent and a manager who stay up at night thinking about your career and your success as much as you do  

There is another way. I will show you how.  

Hi, I’m Brian Patacca.
I've helped 542 actors find representation.

I know how frustrating it is to be stuck in front of your computer researching the perfect target list, sweating over the precise wording for that email you pray will stand out, spending your hard-earned dough at showcases only to listen to another manager tell you that you need a reel or hear your best friend tell you she can’t ask for a referral right now cuz she hasn’t booked anything in awhile – it sucks!

Especially when all you want is to be on set or on stage – you don’t even feel like you’re in the game.  

Good News: things are about to change! I’ve designed a proven system based on my work with over 500 actors and my experience as a career coach, Broadway advertising account executive and non-denominational reverend. So yup, we're going to use your passion as a fuel to allow the Universe to provide you the resources and support team you need to answer your calling to act.

If you need a simple, no-more-waiting, no-pain system to get meetings and sign with agents and managers, keep reading and join me for the #agentgoals journey!

Not sure #agentgoals will work for you?

This process worked in every single city, state, and country where an actor has used it. 🇺🇸🇫🇷🇬🇧→ My client Gregory used it to get reps in LA, Paris, and London! (So when it happens for you, will you puh-lease take me with you?!?)

  • If you've tried traditional approaches to get agent attention with no success, or you think you don’t have the right look, headshots, reel, credits, or other factors in place to land an agent – Phase One is for you!

{Phase One – Own It}

We’ll dive deep into your story (no need to make anything up or hide anything, I promise you already have the perfect story to attract the right agent for you).

Discover precisely what gives you an edge (even if you feel like you’re in a saturated market or look like every other actor out there) so that you present an irresistible package to managers and agents.


  • Your new electronic press kit that doesn't require credits, a reel or new headshots (but if you have these, I’ll show you where, when – and if! – to include them).  
  • A standout introduction email that will lay the foundation for reps to choose you (instead of the other way around). 
  • A clear path and plan laid out to get you your perfect match representation so you can book more work and leave the can’t-get-in-the-game struggle behind.

Mélisa chased fancy credits...

Mélisa got her agent by turning her losses into wins.  

I didn't realize that all of these things that almost happened were just as important as the things that did happen. It really made me go to vulnerable places and put my entire story out there. But that's why I was able to connect with my agents in such a meaningful way.  

I learned how to actually put myself in my materials so that when an agent opens them, they actually see who I am and see my work and are really able to make a connection with me specifically. 

Jeff was sure no one would care (again!)...

For some reason, I thought we'd be putting these pitches out in the world and nothing would happen. And then I started getting responses and not just one or two, I'm talking about a lot.  

Brian's approach to looking for reps is number one, pragmatic and number two, super filled with heart and sensitivity. That was certainly the case for me. I think I was a little bit afraid to really put myself out there in a way that would pop.  

And Brian really was supportive of me in terms of encouraging me to be vulnerable and to be honest about what I wanted and what I needed from reps and help me really not shy away from my power. And I got a manager!

Phase Two is where the process starts to get super fun!

I guide you through sending your digital press kit and introductions from Phase One – plus a graceful follow-up process so you can take action from an empowered place and feel seen!

{Phase Two – Share It}

Beware: #agentgoals actors see email response rates as high as 50%, so you'll need my process to gracefully follow up with the Yes's, the No's, the Maybe Later's, and the Silent Types... without feeling annoying or desperate.  

Plus I'll lead you through a 3-Step system to easily cast a broader net so that reps can finally find and choose you!


  • Contact agents and managers with your revamped and effective materials and emails.
  • Learn exactly how to respond to replies and follow-up without feeling needy. 
  • A straightforward strategy to smartly broaden your net and stay on top of following up without getting overwhelmed.

Alexandra already tried everything...

Alexandra got 9 offers and signed with her dream manager.

I think as creative people and actors in particular, there's so much fear of rejection. What if I take all this stuff and I put it out there and then I'm rejected. What then?  

But Brian is with you every step of the way. And every time those thoughts come up, he's there to help you.  

And thanks to that help, I'm with a manager who I adore and a company that I have looked up to for a really long time!

Katherine wanted reps in a different city...

Katherine who lives full-time in Portland and was certain she’d never get LA reps got two offers and now works in both cities.  

I don’t live in LA, so I always held off on looking for reps there.  

Then, Brian helped me shift my focus away from agents and put it towards managers and I found a manager that is totally cool with me being in LA part-time.

One of the nice things about this process was Brian's definitive voice of feedback. You can get feedback from friends and family, but they don't always know what they're doing. 

Everyone has their own opinion. It was nice at the end of the day to have someone say “no, this is what you're doing and this is how you're writing it and now go forth and do the thing.” It took the guesswork out of it. 

Does the idea of going to a meeting with an agent & manager freak you out?

  • I gotchu covered in Phase Three with prep work & practice!
  • Or maybe you think you're an ol' pro at rep meetings, but you still don't looooove you current rep, I will help you decide if you should leave & start things on the right foot with your new team.

{Phase Three – Celebrate It}

This phase builds upon all we’ve done so far to clarify your unique selling point, gather your materials into an easy-to-digest but impossible-to-ignore package, and contact/follow up with reps.  

Your new rep wants to feel like you’re an authority on yourself – but it’s impossible to show up that way when you’re scrambling for your worthiness. Let’s fix that!


  • I show you how to show up at meetings knowing you are already wanted. 
  • You'll be plenty prepped for meetings with practice sessions and attention-grabbing answers to the stickiest questions.  
  • And! I will give you a 4-part system to rate the reps you meet so you can feel confident when it comes time to make your big decision. 

Sarah didn't have a reel... and got bicoastal reps!

BICOASTAL SUCCESS! Sarah got reps in Los Angeles AND New York.  

Brian's approach feels like going to church, a party, and a CrossFit class. All at the same time.  

After working with Brian, I landed a commercial agent in Los Angeles and used those same strategies and techniques to land a manager in New York.  

Look I'm a blonde, white girl and the market is oversaturated with people like me, but I refused to accept that I wasn't wanted or I wasn't enough. Brian helped me showcase my uniqueness to be attractive to agents. And once I started selling who I actually am, I was booked and blessed and having an abundance of auditions. 

Dominique was ready to leave her reps...

Dominique upgraded her representation.  

I knew I wanted to get rid of my current agent. Now I'm with an agency that really gets me.  

This work helped me realize that nothing is set in stone and that if I'm unhappy with any relationship in my life, I have the power and the ability to change that. Nothing's fixed in stone.  

Looking for a new agent brought up a lot of my fears. And I was so grateful that Brian created a really safe space for me to feel vulnerable enough to share those things.  


These bonuses are yours when you join #agentgoals

8 Live Q&A Traction Calls 

I want you to apply every ounce of what you learn so we'll meet for 8 Group Q&A Calls over the next four months.

Which means that your first four months inside #agentgoals includes a Q&A Call with me and your peers every other week.

We’ll address your specific questions about how to apply #agentgoals to your career and help you gain insight from me and your fellow actors.

My favorite part of these calls is when you get to hear from other actors who have already succeeded with #agentgoals

This is your chance to get personalized guidance and coaching from me.

VALUE - $1482

Authentic Acting Story Assessment

Cut through the noise of past failures and successes and identify your unique selling point with this assessment tool.  

This 5-step formula guides you through the judgments that have been holding you back so you can walk into meetings with agents and managers feeling confident, honest, and worthy. It works hand in hand with the Resume Booster so agents know exactly who they are saying yes to.  

VALUE - $427

Anatomy of a Killer Email

You only get one chance at a first impression and the first email you send in the #agentgoals process sets the stage for an ongoing conversation with your new reps.  

This 5-part method is designed to make your email stand out from the crowd by using some click-worthy language that highlights the truth of your acting story and leads reps to the logical next step of replying.  

I know how hard it can be to write about yourself, so this method makes clear distinctions of when to be creative and when to be clear in your messaging so that you cannot be ignored.  

VALUE - $397

Email Writing Masterclass Library

#agentgoals actors feel like they become better writers through osmosis when they watch me in action editing Killer Emails. You’ll have immediate access to 10 masterclass recordings where I dissect emails line-by-line and show you the exact places to be more vulnerable, more clever, and more clear so you’re not left alone to stare at the blank screen. And so your email sounds like YOU instead of some template you found somewhere.

These masterclasses are a fan-favorite with past #agentgoals graduates; I basically “sports commentate” my real-time edits so you gain immediate understanding of the how, what, and why behind every change.

VALUE - $647

***You’ll notice a lot of these bonuses are about your email; that's because the first email is probably the most important step in this process... and if you don't get that first email right, it's hard to do anything else!

Brian Email Seal of Approval

My eyes will be on your email before you click send! I will personally review and revise the final draft of your email.

I will provide edits and feedback so you can feel confident that you're putting yourself out there authentically (without coming across as delusional or salesy).

VALUE - $549

Radical Resume Booster 

When an agent or manager is looking at your resume you are center stage under the spotlight and way too many actors’ resumes are stuck in the 1980’s.  

Don’t get me wrong, this is not about fancy credits – it’s about presenting a clear and irresistible picture of who you are.

The radical resume booster is the exact formula that helps my clients stand out from the crowd with or without credits. 

VALUE - $197

Exclusive Course Community

When we embark on the #agentgoals journey together, you’ll immediately get connected with lots of other purpose-driven actors. And you'll want their support to keep you on track and push you not to settle for less than you're worth.

PLUS, get valuable insights from alumni who have successfully completed the framework and access EXCLUSIVE discounts, office hours, and in-depth videos from me. 

VALUE - $349

It’s important to know the enormous value you’ll get inside this course. These numbers are not inflated — they’re honest, good-faith estimates since you cannot buy the components separately.




#agentgoals is a live + interactive online course which you'll have lifetime access to. Inside, you'll go through 8 modules at your own pace so you can dive right into the training and move forward in the way that serves you best.

All the recorded training videos & action guides live on the #agentgoals course site where you can login from anywhere you have an internet connection. Our group calls will happen on Zoom and you can access the recordings inside the course platform. 

This course is for you if you want to sign with an agent and/or manager who gets you, partners with you, and lands you the right auditions so that you can make a living as an actor and build the career you’ve always imagined.

The entire training is available to you as soon as you register – plus you have lifetime access to all the modules. On top of the training, you can join me & your fellow actors for 8 live coaching calls. They happen every other week, so we’ll have 4 months to talk through your questions.

  • Mobile & tablet friendly – Our 8 Live calls happen on Zoom & you have immediate online access to the course modules
  • Work at your own pace
  • Choose the format where you learn best – video, audio, or written transcript.
  • Revisit as often as you want. The materials are yours for life.

Agent Goals is designed for you to go at your own pace. There is no way to "fall behind" in this course; you are going to go through this program at your own pace (that’s why every single Q&A Call is recorded and uploaded to our special online platform). If you can’t make it to the calls, YOU WON'T MISS A THING.

And don't worry about losing steam, I've built self-care right into the course so you can implement every drop of the framework and still show up to alllllll your meetings confident and full of pep!

Smart Questions from Smart Actors

Q: WAIT, BRIAN! No referral, no reel, no target list? This is 100% the opposite of everything I’ve ever heard.  

A: Yup! You’ll have to give up some long-held limiting beliefs to join #agentgoals. Cuz here’s the deal… you’re talented, you’re trained, you have all the credits you need, and this system is free from false busy-work to just make you feel like you’re doing something. You don’t need to change a thing about your circumstances, but you will need to be willing to see things in a new way. So if you’d prefer to stay where you are, please don’t join me for #agentgoals cuz it won’t work. Get behind it or get behind hundreds of other actors waiting in line for the reps you want. 

BE ADVISED! I use the words representation, reps, agents, and managers interchangeably because this system works to attract the right partner to your passion – no matter what type of representation you want (including but not limited to commercial agents, theatrical agents, voiceover agents, print agents, stand-up comedy agents, and hosting agents). 

Q: Will this really work for me? I’m too young, too old, don’t have credits, etc. etc., etc.!

A: This system works. This framework has worked for 542 actors. They are all of different body shapes, ages, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, genders, abilities, religious denominations and nationalities. What I really want to say to you is this: stop wasting your time disqualifying yourself from having a successful acting career because of your circumstances (I'm not giving those thoughts any more airtime and I hope you won't either). 

Q: What if I'm looking for reps in a different city/state/country? Can I get reps in a city where I don't live?

A: Sí. Oui. Ja. Yes!
This process worked in every single city, state, and country where an actor used it. If you want a bicoastal, multi-state, or an international career you've just found the exact system that actors living in NYC used to get LA reps. And actors in Denmark used to get UK reps. (Of course they also scored reps on their home turf too!)

And if there isn't a pin where you want reps, that just means it hasn't been tried there yet... please be the first to put a pin on the map in Tasmania!

Q: What if I already have representation? Or I'm thinking about a change...

A: Terrific! During the course, I will share my 4-step system to evaluate your relationship with your current reps. You’ll have a plan to invigorate that relationship, plus if your rep suddenly decides to close up shop and become a dentist, you'll have everything you need to find a new partner.  Or maybe you already have a manager you "can live with for now," then we will focus on getting you an agent to add to the team... Or vice versa!

Q: What if I have a reel and other materials I totally love?

A: Great! We will use 'em. My system works with or without those materials. However, if you do have them, I will show you exactly when and where to use them in the follow-up process so that these reps can decide to call you in.

Q: I’m a voiceover actor, host, stand-up comedian... will this work for me? 

A: This system was designed for actors, but it can work for you too. Just be prepared for lots of actor talk and terminology on the inside (can’t say I didn’t warn you!).

Q: This is an investment. Is it really worth it?  

A: I intentionally designed this program to stretch you in every way. This program is for actors who are willing to invest their heart, soul, actions, and money in smart ways to make their careers better. You have to have some serious skin in the game so you'll continue to show up when things get vulnerable. And, I didn’t want to make the course out of reach for you, which is why you can pay it off in 4 easy payments of just $297 per month.  

Q: Can I work with you privately? Can I join #agentgoals later?  

A: Sure, but there's a significant difference in price. I offer VIP strategy days for people who want to work with me privately – it's a full day we spend together and the investment is an additional $2500. If you want that extra intimacy and hand-holding, of course I would love to work with you in that way! Just know that I will be walking you through THE EXACT SAME FRAMEWORK I've already laid out inside #agentgoals – plus, inside the program you'll get A TON OF TIME WITH ME: We meet every other week for a LIVE coaching call for the next 4 months! But if you know that VIP Day is THE THING for you and you're down with the price, email hello@brianpatacca.com and we'll take care of you. And sure, I guess you could join #agentgoals later, but you need an agent now, so why would you wait?

Q: What if I can't attend all the calls? Should I still join?  

A: If you want to land an agent, you should join. If you can't make it to a live class, no sweat. I record all sessions and share the video, downloadable audio, and companion worksheets with you right away. And you’ll always have the opportunity to get your questions answered by me within the private community page with an extra boost of support and accountability from the other amazing actors in the community.

Knock! Knock! It's your purpose.

Dear Brave Actor, Since you've scrolled down this far something is speaking to the part of you that knows you're destined for more. May I talk to that part of you for a second? 

You’ve done the work. You already spent thousands of dollars and countless hours taking headshots, creating reels, doing showcases, sending snail mail, driving all around town to try to get your foot in the door, and producing your own work.  

You've heard the call and you already have the drive and the talent to become a successful working actor.

My dear sweet, creative artist, I know you put yourself out there, but...

  • You’ve been using a broken system (not your fault!) – what other people have taught you up to this point about landing an agent just isn't working.
  • You've been reducing your wild and precious life to your resume, your reel, your referrals, and your target list (or lack thereof!). And those are terrific tools, but they come up short when you consider all your gifts.

So if you are gonna say no to #agentgoals, please ask yourself: what are you going to do instead? 

And if you are gonna say NO to #agentgoals, please make it a HELL NO! I don't want you to walk away and look back a month from now – or 8 months from now! – and beat yourself up for not making a real decision.

You can invest in #agentgoals, a system with a proven track record and do this with me now (yay!)... Or you can do it on your own whenever you decide to get started using the old ways of doing things. 

The choice is yours. (I think you know which way I hope this goes.)

Love, Brian 



more #agentgoals success

Brand new to the country, Helen got three meetings & three offers. 

Before learning these tools with Brian, I was living in the UK, although I had just come off a world tour. So I was wanting to move to LA, but I really didn't know sort of how to get started. Now on the other side of this work, within three months of moving to Los Angeles, I've secured the agent that I wanted.

After reaching out to the managers that I was really keen to work with, I'm really pleased to say that I got three calls for meetings, which were all from my wishlist of managers. I had three meetings and three offers, so I ended up being the one that had to make the choice!  

Today, I understand that there’s a place for me within this industry and that really is a direct result of doing this work. And that means that I show up to the industry in a different way. It no longer feels like the big bad beast. It now feels like something that I'm a part of.  

Brian didn't wanna do it alone... now he has new reps across the board!

I have theatrical reps, and I have new commercial reps, all thanks to this process.

Brian is incredible. He's got answers for you. He's leading the way and holding your hand and making it possible– he makes it all very accessible. You will feel supported and you never feel like you're alone.

It really takes a community of like-minded people to have as much success as you can, and Brian has created a community that is exactly that– like-minded people, actors, and creatives who come together and support each other and help each other and are honest with each other and I can't get over how important that really is. It's just been pretty magical.

Greg got an agent during his very first month in Los Angeles.

I got an agent within the first month of being in Los Angeles and I got a manager three months later, and a commercial agent shortly after..  

When I hear anyone who's afraid to commit to something like this, whether it's trying things they've never tried before, doing all this work, having the time to do it or having the financial means, I ask how committed are you to yourself? Are you willing to invest in yourself? Cause that's what this ultimately is. It’s you saying that I am worth this, I am worth working with someone who will push me outside my comfort zone. Who will encourage me to do the things I'm afraid to do and will help me and have my back in doing those things.  

Brian pushed me to really step out of my comfort zone. Because in the end you'll only grow from that and your energy will expand and people will notice that and you will attract the people that want to work with that. And that's what I did.  

Sarah easily landed her first manager within a month.

The biggest benefit of Brian’s #agentgoals process is that you have someone by your side, opening each door as you go through them. You never have to worry about what to do because you have a guide.  

You're okay. You have everything you need. Here are the steps. Take it easy. There was so much guidance that it felt easy, and I never thought I’d say that about looking for reps!

You get tons of access to me. I lead you through 8 LIVE Q&A Calls to take your questions plus I edit & approve your Killer Email so you can confidently reach out to reps knowing you're good to go. And you'll always have my eyes in our exclusive #agentgoals private community page... so basically, you'll be sick of me!

As a Reminder...Here’s What You’ll Get When You Decide to Join #agentgoals

  • Overall Follow-Up Calendar System so that you stay on track to landing an agent.
  • A step-by-step follow-up system so you don't lose steam and miss the chance to meet your dream rep.
  • Lifetime Access to the Video Training Modules and Companion Action Guides to walk you through every step of the #agentgoals system so you can start seeing momentum and results NOW!
  • BONUS: The Authentic Acting Story Assessment to identify your unique selling point that will have reps choosing you from the sea of talent.
  • BONUS: Anatomy of a Killer Email 5-Part Training to master the art of writing emails to reps that get clicks and responses.

  • The #agentgoals 6-part electronic press kit builder so you can share your materials easily and get reps to click. This one tool increases your visibility to reps by 50%.

  • The Ultimate Meeting Prep Formula so you have all the answers to any questions you might get asked during a meeting so you can confidently show up and make a good impression.

  • Clarity on your type and brand so you can confidently walk into meetings knowing your worth and the value of what you bring to the table – and won't be overlooked!
  • BONUS: Radical Resume Booster so you can present a clear + irresistible picture of you that makes every credit and facet of your work and experience shine so agents want to know more.
  • BONUS: A super-secret way to follow-up so that you ensure you get a response... or finally know that it's time to move on. 
  • BONUS: 8 Live Q&A Calls to get the answers you need to custom fit this training to your career and big rep dreams!
  • BONUS: Lifetime Access to the Course Community to stay motivated, share resources, and learn from other actors who have successfully used this framework.

#agentgoals is a LIVE, interactive experience

#agentgoals is a fully immersive experience – you don’t just watch a bunch of videos alone with your laptop... I'm alongside you every step of the way. 

Beyond the core training modules, you get: 8 LIVE group coachings with me, 4 LIVE bonus calls inside my membership program – plus support from my expert team and graduates to help guide you throughout the program.


Claim your spot now for this online training designed to make agents want you! 


But wait, how do know if #agentgoals is right for me?

If you say YES to any of the points below, I'd say you're qualified to dive into #agentgoals and get a ton of value from it.

  • You're willing to let go of the idea that you must have a reel, referrals, and fancy credits to reach out to reps – and if you do have those things, this framework will work for you too!
  • You’re ready to start living - and make a living! - from your creative purpose (please!)
  • You're ready to get auditions from somewhere other than your own efforts
  • Whether you have a ton of credits or you’re just getting started, you know you’re capable of working more consistently.  
  • You’re tired of doing actor busy work — drop-offs, mailings, or soulless social media strategizing — and seeing no results.
  • You’re not getting the auditions you want – plain and simple.
  • You want to feel confident, empowered, and authentic when you submit yourself to reps.
  • You’re looking to build a partnership with a manager and/or agent for long-term career success.
  • You're willing to invest your time, heart, and soul into making yourself available to the right rep finding you.
  • You want a new way to do this "lookin' reps" thing – and you want a strategy that has yet to fail.

common sense heads up

Of course, I can't 100% promise you will sign with representation – that would just be scammy and gross. But what I can promise is that you're going to master a radical new way to reach out to reps, and present your unique gifts in a way that cannot be ignored. And you're going to feel relaxed, empowered, and confident in your talent and material. 

I know it's also common sense, but just to be clear: you do need a headshot and you need acting training under your belt – otherwise, you might get a lot of meetings and then find it really hard to sign with someone. And once again, you must be willing to be open to the idea that you do not need a reel, a target list, a referral, or fancy credits to find the right representation (But if you DO have those things, don't worry, we will put them to use in a radically new way that works!).

You deserve fabulous reps who adore you because you deserve to work as much as you want.

- Low Monthly -

4 Payments of $297 


- Best Value -

One Payment $997 

SAVE $191