a radical new program proven to help you find great reps
(with or without a reel, a referral, or flashy credits)


Finally! A clear path to finding representation with a track record that can't be beat: 542 actors found fabulous reps using this exact framework.

  • A step-by-step strategy to get you your perfect match representation so you can book more work and leave the can’t-get-in-the-game struggle behind.
  • Discover precisely what gives you an edge (even if you feel like you’re in a saturated market or look like every other actor out there) so that you present an irresistible package to managers and agents.
  • Learn exactly how to respond to replies and follow-up without feeling needy 
  • A straightforward strategy to broaden your net and stay on top of following up without getting overwhelmed. 
  • You'll be plenty prepped for meetings with practice sessions and attention-grabbing answers to The Top 20 Most Asked Questions.
  • Rate the reps you meet with the Great Partnership Scale so you can feel confident when it comes time to make your big decision. 

#agentgoals success

Like Alexandra, who already tried everything...

Alexandra got 9 offers and signed with her dream manager.

I think as creative people and actors in particular, there's so much fear of rejection. What if I take all this stuff and I put it out there and then I'm rejected. What then?  

But Brian is with you every step of the way. And every time those thoughts come up, he's there to help you.  

And thanks to that help, I'm with a manager who I adore and a company that I have looked up to for a really long time!

Like Mélisa, who chased fancy credits...

Mélisa got her agent by turning her losses into wins.  

I didn't realize that all of these things that almost happened were just as important as the things that did happen. It really made me go to vulnerable places and put my entire story out there. But that's why I was able to connect with my agents in such a meaningful way.  

I learned how to actually put myself in my materials so that when an agent opens them, they actually see who I am and see my work and are really able to make a connection with me specifically. 

Or Jeff, who was sure no one would care (again!)...

For some reason, I thought we'd be putting these pitches out in the world and nothing would happen. And then I started getting responses and not just one or two, I'm talking about a lot.  

Brian's approach to looking for reps is number one, pragmatic and number two, super filled with heart and sensitivity. That was certainly the case for me. I think I was a little bit afraid to really put myself out there in a way that would pop.  

And Brian really was supportive of me in terms of encouraging me to be vulnerable and to be honest about what I wanted and what I needed from reps and help me really not shy away from my power. And I got a manager!

Or Katherine, who lived in a different market...

Katherine who lives full-time in Portland and was certain she’d never get LA reps got two offers and now works in both cities.  

I don’t live in LA, so I always held off on looking for reps there.  

Then, Brian helped me shift my focus away from agents and put it towards managers and I found a manager that is totally cool with me being in LA part-time.

One of the nice things about this process was Brian's definitive voice of feedback. You can get feedback from friends and family, but they don't always know what they're doing. 

Everyone has their own opinion. It was nice at the end of the day to have someone say “no, this is what you're doing and this is how you're writing it and now go forth and do the thing.” It took the guesswork out of it. 

Or Sarah, who didn't have a reel...

Sarah got reps in Los Angeles AND New York.  

Brian's approach feels like going to church, a party, and a CrossFit class. All at the same time.  

After working with Brian, I landed a commercial agent in Los Angeles and used those same strategies and techniques to land a manager in New York.

I refused to accept that I wasn't wanted or I wasn't enough. Brian helped me showcase my uniqueness to be attractive to agents. And once I started selling who I actually am, I was booked and blessed and having an abundance of auditions. 

Or Dominique, who wanted to leave her agent... 

Dominique upgraded her representation.  

I knew I wanted to get rid of my current agent. Now I'm with an agency that really gets me.  

This work helped me realize that nothing is set in stone and that if I'm unhappy with any relationship in my life, I have the power and the ability to change that. Nothing's fixed in stone.  

Looking for a new agent brought up a lot of my fears. And I was so grateful that Brian created a really safe space for me to feel vulnerable enough to share those things.  

more #agentgoals success

New to the country, Helen got three meetings and three offers. 

Before learning these tools with Brian, I was living in the UK, although I had just come off a world tour. So I was wanting to move to LA, but I really didn't know sort of how to get started. Now on the other side of this work, within three months of moving to Los Angeles, I've secured the agent that I wanted.

After reaching out to the managers that I was really keen to work with, I'm really pleased to say that I got three calls for meetings, which were all from my wishlist of managers. I had three meetings and three offers, so I ended up being the one that had to make the choice!  

Today, I understand that there’s a place for me within this industry and that really is a direct result of doing this work. And that means that I show up to the industry in a different way. It no longer feels like the big bad beast. It now feels like something that I'm a part of.  

Brian has new reps across the board.  

I have theatrical reps, and I have new commercial reps, all thanks to this process.

Brian is incredible. He's got answers for you. He's leading the way and holding your hand and making it possible– he makes it all very accessible. You will feel supported and you never feel like you're alone.

It really takes a community of like-minded people to have as much success as you can, and Brian has created a community that is exactly that– like-minded people, actors, and creatives who come together and support each other and help each other and are honest with each other and I can't get over how important that really is. It's just been pretty magical.

Greg got an agent his very first month in Los Angeles.  

I got an agent within the first month of being in Los Angeles and I got a manager three months later, and a commercial agent shortly after..  

When I hear anyone who's afraid to commit to something like this, whether it's trying things they've never tried before, doing all this work, having the time to do it or having the financial means, I ask how committed are you to yourself? Are you willing to invest in yourself? Cause that's what this ultimately is. It’s you saying that I am worth this, I am worth working with someone who will push me outside my comfort zone. Who will encourage me to do the things I'm afraid to do and will help me and have my back in doing those things.  

Brian pushed me to really step out of my comfort zone. Because in the end you'll only grow from that and your energy will expand and people will notice that and you will attract the people that want to work with that. And that's what I did.  

Sarah easily landed her first manager within a month.  

The biggest benefit of Brians’ #AgentGoals process is that you have someone by your side, opening each door as you go through them. You never have to worry about what to do because you have a guide.  

You're okay. You have everything you need. Here are the steps. Take it easy. There was so much guidance that it felt easy, and I never thought I’d say that about looking for reps!


a radical new program proven to help you find great reps
(with or without a reel, a referral, or flashy credits)

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